Erin Condren Set-up Week April 7


Hello everyone! I decided to start a series of weekly set-ups for everyone with the hopes that it would inspire you all to start planning as well! I recently just bought a whole new Erin Condren Life Planner horizontal planner for the year. I was always used to planning with the vertical set-up, however, planning vertically no longer worked for me. I would find myself forced to input random things into boxes that no longer suited the way I plan and my lifestyle. One day, I came across some awesome inspiration through Pinterest of the cutest horizontal set-ups and I figured that I could utilize the minimal spacing a little bit more. If you’re interested on getting started with your own Erin Condren Life Planner, visit her website and pick a set-up that suits you!

Get your own today! Visit!

I still will keep my vertical life planner for tutorial purposes. I definitely want to utilize that planner to show set-ups for nursing students and others who are in school.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick showcase of this week’s set-up! Stay tuned for next week!



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