The Secret to Passing Your NCLEX: A Free Case Study Inside!

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So the time has come for you to take your NCLEX. You got your authorization to test (ATT) and you’re probably wondering what’s next.

WELL, It’s time to prep!

Before you take your NCLEX exam... take the time to really see if you're ready. There is a BIG difference between being "ready" and being "confident." Honestly, you can be confident all you want, but when you step in front of that computer, you may realize that you weren't ready at all. Being "ready" is knowing and accomplishing the unexpected. This means your mind knows how to tackle 265 questions, knows when to take breaks, knows how to critically think through your case studies. And if you're ready... you just know.

I would advise scheduling out at least a month or three months from the moment you get your ATT. You wouldn't want to schedule too far out because you might easily forget material or not know how to apply it. In the midst of it all, you'll probably start looking for NCLEX prep plans and freebies that your school offered and this is where I step in to offer one of the best NCLEX preps out there.

Why Brilliant Nurse?


Brilliant nurse's NCLEX-RN FastPrep has 3 different plans according to your needs. For any of these programs, use the coupon code 'DLMJOURNEY' and get 20% off any of the plans below!

Whichever one you choose, you will have access to more than 2000 NCLEX-style questions and rationales. You'll also have access to case studies, content, and your personalized statistics! If you're always out and about, don't worry! Your program is mobile accessible so you have it while you're on the go.


NCLEX test prep will personalize how you decide to study. You are able to create customized practice tests  and increase your pass rate.

Q&A with Rationales

As stated before, you questions and answers are what you're here for. You have access to 2000 NCLEX-style questions and rationales. You will get access to their case studies that features questions to optimize critical thinking and prioritization skills.

Here's the freebie!

Click on the link below to get an example of NCLEX-RN test prep case study

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