Top 5 Best Nursing Scrubs!

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There are tremendous amount of brands out there and we all look for different things. Depending on your facility or institution, some may be strict on what you're allowed to wear. But overall, I assume we all want the same thing! 

We will be examining each brand by the following common denominators:

We want scrubs that are fit, comfortable, inexpensive yet... fashionable!

Here are my go-to brands for the best nursing scrubs... as of 2018.

1. Jaanuu


I've recently been obsessed with Jaanuu and I'll tell you why in a little bit. But let me start off with stating the facts.

Jaanuu is made up of the finest fabrics. Every thread is sewed to be soft and flexible to optimize comfort and functionality. If we're looking for the fit, comfortable, and fashionable... you got it all in one brand!

Click to tweet: "Jaan," means "life" in Hindi. Bring life to your scrubs with Jaanuu.

Here are the four categories:

  • Fit: true to size, shape revealing, torso length is shorter than your average scubs, not a lot of options for petite/tall

  • Comfortable: Fine fabrics (some pieces have flexible material), soft texture, covers appropriately.

  • Fashionable: modern and runway inspired, each piece is unique according to collection. #1 at fashionable scrubs HANDS DOWN!

  • Inexpensive: Each piece is between $42-50 so definitely much more expensive than your average scrubs. But that's just it! Jaanuu is not your average scrubs!

Now, let me help you upgrade your scrubs by making it inexpensive!

2. Grey's Anatomy

Ahh... this is my go-to brand. You can never go wrong with Grey's Anatomy... literally. Each piece has a soft, consistent texture and they are cut in a way that fits any body shape. It's true to size, each piece is not too tight and not too loose, it's just right.

So here are the four categories: 

  • Fit: true to size, shape revealing, everything is available for petite/tall

  • Comfortable: soft texture, covers appropriately

  • Fashionable: design is functional, yet stylish!

  • Inexpensive: each piece on Amazon is usually between $20-30 and definitely worth it!

Here are the pieces that I love, love, love and bought for myself:

3. Healing Hands by Purple Label

Just as good as my Grey's. This is my other go-to brand if I want to change it up a bit. Healing hands by purple label has different scrub tops that are stitched to show off your curves, yet soft and flexible (similar to legging material) to optimize functionality! 

Here are the categories:

  • Fit: true to size, shape revealing, everything is available for petite/tall

  • Comfortable: soft texture, fabrics are more flexible, covers appropriately

  • Fashionable: design is functional, stitching is great, but average looking.

  • Inexpensive: each piece on Amazon is between $20-30. Some pieces may be cheaper than Grey's Anatomy!

4. Wear Figs

Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide pictures from Wear Figs since I am not affiliated with them. I do not benefit from including their brand into the post, but I want to give credit when it is due. Wear Figs would be #1 in the comfortable category because their fabrics are consistent and SUPER soft! It's stitched to fit snug, but is not form fitting. If you're into functional and comfortable scrubs or you're interested in getting that 'Surgery/OR' look, this is your go-to brand!

Here are the categories:

  • Fit: true to size, loose (but fit), not shape-revealing, not a lot of options for petite/tall.

  • Comfortable: super soft texture, covers appropriately, #1 in this category.

  • Fashionable: design is functional, colors are more vivid, you get the 'Surgery' look!

  • Inexpensive: Tops are $38-44, Bottoms are $48-54. Pretty expensive, but worth it.

Get your FIGS now!

5. Cherokee

Cherokee scrubs is #1 in the inexpensive category. The fit and comfort will vary according to the collection that you purchase.

Here are the categories:

  • Fit: may not be true to size, shape revealing according to collection, everything is available for petite/tall

  • Comfortable: texture can vary according to the collection.

  • Fashionable: design is functional. Some can vary on the cut

  • Inexpensive: each piece on Amazon can be as cheap as $12-25. The cheaper and older collection, the poorer the quality.

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#1 in the category:

Fit: Jaanuu

Comfortable: Wear Figs

Fashionable: Jaanuu

Inexpensive: Cherokee

Jaanuu and Wear Figs have limited options for petite/tall, but have the best quality scrubs. 

Overall Winner:

Hope you guys enjoyed this article! What is your favorite scrub brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Nursing!