Nursing Cheat Sheets: Get a Freebie!

Copy of What to expect in nursing school.png

It’s definitely what you think! There will be no cheating tolerated in nursing school!

My nursing cheat sheets were these one page sheets that each contained a specific medical diagnosis and included the symptoms, labs, images, and nursing interventions. YES, all of it in one page!

I used to make these nursing cheat sheets all throughout nursing school and it helped me out so much when I was always on the go.

Think about it!

How often are we always on the go to clinical or lecture? How convenient would it be to have a sheet that you could just pull out of your pocket and use to study?

That is exactly what I did! I took my nursing cheat sheets everywhere I went. I took it when I went to clinical and if I had a patient with “XX” as their medical diagnosis, I would pull out that my cheat sheet for that.

Here is an example of a cheat sheet on “Hypoglycemia”:

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 5.28.40 PM.png