My Nursing Journey

Nursing is a big part of my life. It definitely has its ups and downs, but it has been rewarding thus far. I'm so happy that I made this decision to make nursing as my life-long career. There are so many opportunities in this field and I can't wait to learn more and experience what nursing has to offer for me in the future. I've decided to dedicate a page to write nursing articles of "How-tos" and blog about my nursing experiences. 

My Story:

School has been a long, adventurous journey for me. I started out at Towson University originally to go after my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. However, seeing the amount of money I had to loan out for Towson was really shocking. I had to come up with another way to go around and get into nursing. So I've decided to get my Associate's Degree in Nursing through a community college and plan to continue to get my Bachelors/Masters in that order.

I officially got accepted into nursing school with College of Southern Maryland in 2012. I will be taking my last class this fall and I am so excited to be one step closer to being finished. I plan to graduate in December 2015 and continue to take classes next year towards my Bachelor's Degree. I also completed my Licensed Practical Nurse certificate last summer 2014 and I currently work as an LPN in the adult observation unit. I hope to further my career as an RN once I pass my boards after school.

Update: On March 11, 2016, I passed my boards and I am officially an RN! I currently work at the hospital on a medical/surgical unit. I currently attend University of Maryland School of Nursing for my Bachelor's Degree.

**NOTE: Violation of the HIPAA law is a serious matter. I will never speak of specific patients on my blog.  So please do not do it as well.

Interested in nursing?

There are so many programs out there to get you to the right path to becoming a Registered Nurse. But first, various schools require you to take entrance examinations to get into nursing programs. 

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