About dlmjourney


It all started when…

I decided to go to nursing school. Originally, I had a strong passion to take pre-med courses, but nursing seemed pretty convincing. I was always fascinated with the human body and excelled in my science courses. In high school, I looked into how many years of medical school and residency will take me and honestly, it was inviting. I was single… with no commitments, so why not?

However, I wanted to weigh my options. I looked into nursing to see what my opportunities were. Imagine getting into a career that has a demand and a variety of opportunities for professional development. Most professions have clinical advancement opportunities, but nursing has so many avenues. And that’s exactly what I was looking for.

I went to Towson University for my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN). Everything I took was just my Gen Eds which included a lot of sciences and definitely had a great experience there. Unfortunately, the tuition costs were too high for me so I decided to go to a community college where I could get my Associate’s of Science in Nursing.

My Nursing Career.png

I decided to make a financial decision and transfer to College of Southern Maryland where I officially started nursing school. I had the pleasure of getting my Certificate in Practical Nursing in 2014 and was able to practice as an LPN at a doctor’s office. I eventually transitioned to Inova Fairfax Medical Center as a LPN technician, where my duties included phlebotomy and nursing assistant duties. On March 2016, I passed my NCLEX and became a Registered Nurse on a medical-surgical unit.