Humming to Her Best

1Lazuline with no slurs, flutters while she hums.

Humbles her strut, held her world by the thumbs.

Eyes bright, mouth wide, “let them see me now!”

Alas— a vast, open field, too endless, too proud.

So subtle, a hunter for that sweet golden nectar.

So patient, she knows to choose the right one.

To soar and abide by the rules of mother nature,

with one choice, she knows that she have won.

A special choice, she looks for simple and bright.

One that the sun hovers with a lone ray of light.

Petered but bent to seek the one from a far,

She remembers, “this is my start.”


1. Lazuline Sabrewing is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family.