Humming to Her Best

1Lazuline with no slurs, flutters while she hums.

Humbles her strut, held her world by the thumbs.

Eyes bright, mouth wide, “let them see me now!”

Alas— a vast, open field, too endless, too proud.

So subtle, a hunter for that sweet golden nectar.

So patient, she knows to choose the right one.

To soar and abide by the rules of mother nature,

with one choice, she knows that she have won.

A special choice, she looks for simple and bright.

One that the sun hovers with a lone ray of light.

Petered but bent to seek the one from a far,

She remembers, “this is my start.”


1. Lazuline Sabrewing is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family.

Separating Paths

Two different paths going in the same direction

Same time. Same destination.

Who’s ahead? I don’t know.

What I do know is we’re not beside each other.

Last I saw you, you kept looking forward,

while I’m on my toes near the border,

hoping you’ll turn to look at me.

But your gesture lets me know not to bother.

You get smaller and smaller as I take a step

My road turns to right while yours turns to left.

A part of me keeps hoping

that we’ll cross paths and find one another.

But as I keep walking, I look at your indifference.

What we were once is now back at a distance.

To wish you well is all I wish,

may we both find happiness for each other.

A Trip to New Orleans, LA!

I went to New Orleans a couple of weekends ago and it was such a great first experience. I've traveled to several other places, but this was actually the first time I ever went to the airport and flew on my own. For a first-timer, I think that everything went well as far as traveling and navigating through places.

As far as our choice of what place to go, we decided on exploring New Orleans and it was amazing! You endure so much history and culture once you step into the city. I'll elaborate more as I continue to write, but if you're wondering where we stayed, my cousin booked us at the Omni Royals Hotel, which was located within the French Square. To be more precise, it was right in the middle of the city. Once you walk outside the hotel, everything is within walking distance. I highly recommend this hotel not only for it's class, but surely for it's convenience. 


Entering the French Square

I was the first one to arrive to New Orleans and decided to call an Uber to get to the hotel. As I enter the city, I noticed that a lot of the buildings and houses were damaged and abandoned, most of which was the end product of the horrific natural disaster Hurricane Katrina 11 years ago. The disaster left lots of people homeless, which some of them I saw reside in the heart of Jackson Square. In other areas, I witnessed projects being rebuilt, houses being furnished, trees and plants being replanted, and so much more. Through all of the struggle, it's amazing to see how the French Square still managed to hold up its own. Despite of what the city has gone through, businesses and local shops still thrive, art and history still preserved, and music continues to play throughout the streets.

St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral

View of the city from our hotel

View of the city from our hotel

Art & History

As some of us may know, the French were known for their love and interest for art. Walking through Royal Street brings about endless galleries of art and all of which are unique and different from each other. The style of art that these neighboring galleries provide ranges in variety, some are abstract while some portray realism. It is safe to say that each of the gallery used their own creative technique that differs them from the next. Walking along Jackson Square, there were plenty of local, thriving artists who hung their paintings along the gates, in which I am assuming that they display them for views and sales.

New Orleans had plenty of museums to go to as well, some of which I was not allowed to photograph. The ones we went to were New Orleans Museum, Pharmacy Museum, Museum of Voodoo, and Museum of Death.

Since I'm in the healthcare profession, the most interesting of them all was the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. They showed the history of pharmacological treatment, as well as old and used tools for various procedures. Very creepy, but very interesting.

Actually, all of them were weird and creepy. Go pay them a visit! LOL!

Food & Drinks

Of course, I can't complete this article without talking about what New Orleans is known for: alcohol and food. New Orleans had one of the best foods I have ever tasted in my life. Every single restaurant we went to were amazing.

So... Bourbon street. The name says it all right? This is where you get your alcohol. As you know, alcohol can bring about the most interesting, yet weirdest people, making Bourbon street so different from Royal street. Royal street holds boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, and local coffee shops, while Bourbon street holds bars, bike hangouts, and strip clubs. Please note that even though they are parallel from each other, both streets are very different from each other. Royal street is much more family oriented while Bourbon street can be quite disturbing especially if drinking is not your scene. But if you're trying to get into the culture of the city, just know that walking with a drink in your hand is one of the many things that New Orleans is known for. You'll see many people with "hand grenades" and "fish bowls", both of which are deliciously sweet, but the alcohol can sting quick. I only had a sip of each for the taste, but the alcohol content can be quite strong.

Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade

Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl

As far as food... oh my gosh... there are no words to describe how amazing the food was. We ate at different places throughout the trip and I lost track of the restaurants. But sadly, I do remember eating endlessly. For the New Orleans trip, I made sure I had a taste of their gumbo, a po-boy sandwich, oyster, and alligator meat. All of them were so good!

Royal House

Royal House

Acme Oyster House

Acme Oyster House

Acme Oyster House

Acme Oyster House

Lastly, I cannot forget to talk about the best coffee place I've ever been too... Cafe Du Monde. Their beignets with coffee are to die for. They are open 24 hours so we decided to wake up very early in the morning, bought our beignets and coffee, and we ate and drank by the pool. We pretty much went to this place every morning and it was all worth it! I also purchased a tin of their coffee as a present for my parents. This place is a must when going to New Orleans!

I hope you guys enjoyed much of our trip to New Orleans and I hope that this will get you to plan a trip out there as well. It was an amazing experience traveling to this wonderful place for the first time. I'm so glad I got the chance to check this off my bucket list of places to visit and it was definitely worth every penny. Thanks for reading! 

Click through our pictures below! :)

The Pros and Cons of Living with Asian Parents: How To Co-exist Together

For Coffee Time Wednesday...

A funny, humorous article by dlmjourney

My beautiful, loving, Asian-Filipino parents!

My beautiful, loving, Asian-Filipino parents!

You opening this article to read this topic means that you are really interested in trying to co-exist with your Asian or "strict" parents. Why this sudden interest? That I can only guess. Maybe you've had enough of their rules and you're claiming your independence. At this point, you're ready to pack up your bags and move to other side of the country. Well... that's easier said than done. It's not smart to do and more than likely, you'll come crawling back soon (like less than 5 days soon.)

In reality, this decision to run away is very unrealistic for many reasons. For one, if you're coming from a traditional Asian or strict family, your family honors being smart, loyal, and respectful. Running away for any given situation is a dishonorable, not only to your family, but to yourself. And two, you're simply not ready to take on added responsibilities. If you're still under your parents' house, it's probably because you're not able to move out physically, mentally, and more importantly... financially. Since running away is highly discouraged and frowned upon (SO DON'T DO IT), what do you do? Well... you coexist with them!

This rule to coexist with Asian or strict parents is really quite simple: you follow their rules forever. How do I know this? I am a 24 year old woman who still lives under my loving, Asian-Filipino parents' house. I have a decent paying job as a nurse, I pay for my own car, and yet... I still have a 9:00pm curfew. Do I get tired and weary of having to follow the rules? Of course! There are times when I want to pull my hair out because my mother is constantly riding my back about anything. Though I hate the fact that I have to follow the rules, there are a lot of perks to coexisting in the same house.

Why should you live with your Asian Parents?


  • You have a curfew (a 9:00pm curfew)
  • You will need straight As to make them happy
  • You will have chores (extra-chores)
  • You will have to go to school regardless of whether you like it or not. [ This ensures a bright future :) ]
  • They don't let you touch anything in the house.



  • You will never be hungry
  • You will always have bathroom necessities
  • You will always have birthday and Christmas gifts
  • You will always have clothes
  • You will have a room (rent-free)
  • Your house will always be clean
  • You will be attending great family parties (more gifts for you!)
  • They will make sure you have a great future [ You will have to go to school regardless of whether you like it or not :( ]

When you move out, especially on bad-terms, you are claiming that you are ready to be an adult. You're ready to take on the responsibilities of paying bills, getting and making your own food, cleaning your house, doing your taxes, etc. When you move out, it's better to have your family's blessing. You would want that process to be memorable and exciting. Trust me when I tell you, you'll know when the time is right for you to fly away from the nest.

But remember that family is important.

Your parents only want what is best for you. Like any other family, we bicker and we fight... but in the end of the day, we love each other. Everybody else comes and goes, but your parents will always be there for you. Though I get tired of the rules and regulations of the household, I love living with my parents because they have taught me things that make up who I am today.

But let me tell you, I can't wait to get my own place and make up my own rules. :)

Love you Mama and Papa!

Enjoy your cup of coffee with me! #CoffeeTimeWednesday

Enjoy your cup of coffee with me! #CoffeeTimeWednesday

Why I Let My Best Friend Go

For Coffee Time Wednesday, I want to talk about...

I’m drinking my coffee for the day, trying to figure out a topic for Coffee Time Wednesday. What was the first thought that came to mind? My ex-best friend. I’m stuck on whether I should continue with this topic, but now I’m intrigued. I wonder why my ex-best friend was the first idea that came to me. Maybe because I’m still angry. Maybe I didn’t want it to end. Or maybe… I’m missing her. Now I’m thinking about our story, trying to recall why it ended after many years of giving each other the title of being “the best friend.” Just remembering the reasons of letting go is difficult in itself. Though it is unfortunate, I knew that it had to be done and here’s why.

Let’s call my ex-best friend, Jane Doe. Me and Jane were best friends ever since middle school.  Jane was that pretty, long-haired, “Don't care” type of girl who had all the guys drooling with her massive sex appeal. She gained her popularity status by being the typical wild animal. Sex, drugs, alcohol, girl fights… you name it, she has done it all. The most amusing part was the amount of drama she had for someone so young. It was addicting for me to watch how she lived her life. She showed me what life is through her eyes. She reminded me how simple my life was compared to hers. Though I was content with mine, I was always intrigued at how she handled hers. EVERY DAY something new happened.

The thing is in the beginning, watching the drama and providing help was exciting and amusing. Why? Because I know that I’m not the type of girl to live my life this way. After knowing her for years, listening to her dramatic stories with different boyfriends and girl-on-girl drama; it actually brought excitement to my life. Her life was a reality TV show. It was addicting to be around the scene, and I couldn’t change the channel even if I knew I should do something about it. I had front row seats to the drama that didn’t involve me at all, but as her friend she relied on me to stay. She wanted me to support her with every step she took, and so I did.

Again, I’ve been friends with Jane since middle school and we transitioned to high school together. We sat by each other in every class we took. She would walk me to class and I to hers. At one point, we were both on the same page; we focused on college, grades, and the future. There was no drama just yet, but somehow things began to change. She got hurt by a couple of boyfriends here and there and along the way, she gained new friends who made her give in to sex and drugs. It was hard to leave, but I knew I had to be her friend at a distance. I stayed with patience. I often advised her of right and wrong, but I didn’t beg. I gave her the benefit of the doubt in hoping that she would turn back around and give up this kind of lifestyle.

Then senior year came. College was right around the corner. While I attended college fairs, she would skip class with her other friends and my disappointment grew as time passed. One day, I remember her trying to leave school with those girls and asked me to go with her. I told her I didn't want to, explained why she shouldn’t, and I begged her to go to class with me instead. But she decided to leave anyway. I would admit that, to this day, I am really hurt by her leaving. As the school year kept going, I noticed the same thing kept happening over and over again. And finally, it hit me. She had new friends and the outlook we shared was blurry. I knew right then and there that I had to let her go. I knew that I had to do what was better for me. I was fed up with the lifestyle and her presence was getting old and weary. While I kept growing as a woman, I knew I was still helping out a little girl who didn’t want to grow up. So I set her off.. I went to college for nursing and she went off to do only God knows what.

Now the question still stands. Was she ever my friend? Yes, she was. We shared a lot of memories together. I witnessed her heart breaks and she witnessed mine. She stood by me whenever times were rough, and she was ready to back me up whenever I needed her. What I realized about our friendship is that people change. Some change for the better and some change for the worse. I can’t sit here and figure out what she should’ve done to turn things around, but what I have learned is that there are times when you have to let people go to let them find out whatever it is that they look for. When I look back at it, she left me a long time ago anyway so it was my turn to leave too. I can safely say that I’ve done my part as a friend. However, to this very day… sometimes I reminisce and think what could’ve happened if she decided to go to class with me instead.

Hope you all enjoyed the article! Continue to enjoy your coffee #CoffeeTimeWednesday

Hope you all enjoyed the article! Continue to enjoy your coffee #CoffeeTimeWednesday

Relationships Are Hard Work: 3 Easy Steps to Effective Communication

For this week's Coffee Time Wednesdays...

Created by Rhonna Design App

Created by Rhonna Design App

Are you currently in a relationship where it seems like it will never work out? Have you ever felt like you and your significant other are just not meant to be? Maybe you find yourself hitting a point in your relationship where you are doubting the future and what it beholds. I am not a therapist or a relationship expert, but I do believe that feelings of contemplation are normal in any fulfilling and loving relationship. 

Every relationship, whether the significant other is your friend, your lover, or coworker, there will be a time where both of you will come to a disagreement. Depending on how you communicate with one another, your disagreements will either be easily resolved or difficult to fix. Usually at times of difficulty, our emotions are heightened and the stressors are identified. As human beings, it is natural for us to fix the issue by getting rid of those stressors, in which we start to doubt the sincerity of our lover. In other words, we start to contemplate the future and make irrational decisions of leaving our partner to “be happy.” What I want you to understand is that these kinds of emotions are normal and that these feeling are not your end-all and be-all testimonies. It is important to understand that there is a reason why you both chose each other to be in this monogamous, faithful relationship. All you have to do is to remind yourself of why you both fell in love with each other in the first place.

Remember that relationships are hard work! You and your partner will be going through this rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, loops and cycles, and endless emotions of excitement and fear. There are too many factors that come in to play whether you should break it off with someone (this topic alone could be a whole article in itself), but before you come to that decision, you have to list out the pros and cons of your relationship and be in high spirit with the hopes that the pros will outweigh the cons (Please note that if you are in an abusive relationship, that con alone outweighs all pros.) You and your partner must be willing to make sacrifices, make compromises, and make changes in your relationship in order for both of you to grow in your relationship. You have to be willing to listen with an open-mind and understand where your significant other is coming from. Communication is the key to any loving relationship and without it, your relationship could continue with repeated mistakes or end with no resolution.

Created by Rhonna Design App

Created by Rhonna Design App

I have provided for you 3 easy-steps on how to communicate effectively with your loved one:

  1. Identify the issue (on your own): Why are you both at a disagreement? Why are you feeling the way you are feeling? It is important for you to identify your inner feelings and emotions in order for you to be able to talk it out.

Not only should you identify the issue, but you should also figure out the weight of the issue. In other words, is your disagreement about a heavy issue such as religion, family, etc. or is your disagreement about something small, such as ‘what to eat for dinner.’ Figuring out the weight of the issue is also a way for you to recognize who you are and what you feel strongly about.   

It is easy for us to try to talk it out immediately after a fall out, but most of the time, talking it out without taking a time out from each other usually ends with further anger and resentment. You have to do this step of identifying the issue by yourself because staying in the presence of your lover could distract you to pay attention to negative emotions such as anger and anxiety. These types of emotions can cause you to make irrational decisions so it is best to take some time to yourself while you get in touch with your feelings.

  1. Listen to his/her perspective: Active listening is really important when it comes to trying to resolve an issue. Both of you have to listen to each other and put yourself in each other’s shoes in order to know what compromises both of you will have to make. Listen with an open mind, identify how passionate they are about the issue, and see if this is something that you can compensate with your feelings.
  2. Find a resolution (together): At this point, you have already identified your feelings, as well as your partners. You have listed the pros and cons of this relationship and have already reminded yourself of why both of you love each other. I am assuming that at this point, you both have decided that you want to continue to be together to find a resolution to the problem.

It is important for you to make sacrifices and compromises for your partner, but your partner will also have to do the same. Being closed-minded and stubborn to potential resolutions can cause you to not have a resolution at all. Remember that wearing your pride and ego on your sleeves can be one of the determining factors of why both of you have hit this wall of disagreement. Both of you should find that comfort in one another where you can turn to your lover and talk about anything. Again, stay open-minded and listen to your partner’s suggestions.

To conclude this article, just remember that relationships are difficult. Nothing comes easy, but there is a reason why you both are in this relationship in the first place. Try to remind yourself of the love that you both share for one another. Trust me when I say that it will be difficult and you may go through a mixture of emotions, but at the end of the day, you and your partner are in this together. Everything shall work itself out with faith and positivity.