Me in the middle with my beautiful cousins Agatha and Alissa

Me in the middle with my beautiful cousins Agatha and Alissa

About Me

Welcome to my blog! For those of you who read my blogs may question who I am or why you should read what I have in the first place, and I honestly don't have a definite answer but to read on if it interests you. My blog is simply about my life and interests. I know there are lot of people out there who share the same interests as I do and find some of my hobbies fun and interesting so I just decided to start blogging more about it :) To begin my introduction, Hello, Everyone! My name is Dominique Louise Tecson and I am a nurse who loves to blog about nursing, planning, journaling, and so much more.

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My Story

My blog originally started as a health and fitness blog, but I found myself drifting into new hobbies where I discovered my passion of blogging about nursing, planning, and journaling. I do, however, still set my health as a priority. My health is still a work in progress, but along my personal journey to health and fitness, I figured to include my hobbies as well. Since I recently graduated as a nurse and now starting my nursing career, I found that I love to blog and share my own experiences where I hope to help others get through their own nursing school and career.

One of my other passions I love to blog about is my obsession with PLANNERS & JOURNALS! There's a big planner community out there that share the same obsession as I do. When I go shopping, guess where I go? To Michaels! LOL! For those planner addicts, I know that you know that Michaels is the place to be. I started last year crafting to find various ways to make my planner and journal artsy and cute.

I've discovered that tending to my hobbies is one of the many ways I get into my creative side. My nursing career is so busy and hectic that I look forward to blogging as a way to escape all the madness. I hope that you find my blog as an inspiration to get into your creative side to fulfilling a fun, healthy lifestyle as well.

As far as my health, this aspect of my life is still a working progress. With this being my second time trying to lose weight, I know that I have to do this the right way. I know now that eating nothing but salad and boiled chicken for lunch and dinner is not the right way to do it. After doing research about proper nutrition and exercise (and still currently learning more and more), I know that there are ways to enjoy your fitness journey and still live life. I just have to keep learning more as I go and with this blog, I will be able to share this experience with you. As I go and begin this journey of mine, I hope that you all will too :) Please join me in this journey to lose weight and to live a lifelong, healthy lifestyle.

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