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Welcome to my nursing blog!

Welcome to dlmjourney - a nurse's blog to nursing, living, & planning.

Finding happiness in health is a constant adventure. We all have our own hobbies that we love to do and these interests of ours are what makes us special and unique. While some find your hobbies unusual, you on the other hand find it fulfilling and worth while. What I have learned through my adventure is that achieving good health and happiness is about how you decide to handle your lifelong journey. It's complexity is full of obstacles, but best believe, the energy of positivity and happiness is right around the corner. In going through my own journey, I have decided to start this blog as my way of motivating myself and others. I discovered my happiness with the help of my interests, such as nursing, crafting, journaling, blogging, and beautifying several aspects of my life. I understand that motivation is difficult to find, but I hope that my blog will inspire you in joining me to start your own journey. Start living with me!

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